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Why is Houston so prosperous? Because it’s free.
January 16, 2008, 9:29 pm
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Houston is a hub of business and cultural activities. We raise our kids in Houston, begin our businesses here, and many of us choose it as the place where we’ll own our very first home. We do all of this because Houston is a place where these things are not only possible, but also affordable. This is because people–not bureaucrats sitting in offices downtown–direct Houston’s growth and development. The government does not know what’s best for you or your family, and doesn’t know how to make plans for a city in which you’ll enjoy living.This blog is here to provide a number of voices who agree with these sentiments and who don’t want to see Houston become a less dynamic, livable and affordable city due to a greater and greater number of rules and regulations. We understand that more government red tape makes it more expensive for us to own property, send our children to school and run a business. We want to see developers work together with neighborhoods when planning new construction, and see this sort of civic involvement as a much better option to new laws that may only be relevant to a certain project.Here are some news articles outlining the current debate for or against zoning in Houston.

We hope that you share our ideas on this, and join us to Keep Houston Growing!

Houston Chronicle- Developers preparing for post-White era


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It’s about time the great city of Houston starts noticing what local government and certain anti-growth private institutes are doing. They know what’s best for us and want to control where we can and can’t build, rather than letting consumers and markets determine where growth is needed. If we want our economy to grow stronger and keep the city affordable we need to realize the negative effects of urban planning and zoning; lack of regulations have facilitated and driven the city we know and love.

Comment by 3rd Generation Houstonian

Unfortunately, our government seems to be moving away from the individual and towards the expansion of federal and local government power. More regulations are just around the corner.

Comment by Tom Comstock

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